Not just nationally or internationally, but right in our own communities, in our own homes. Great leadership starts with the individual. We also believe that it is better to start developing leaders early so that they can have a compounding effect of years of quality leadership and good decision making.

Our goal is to work with emerging leaders, helping them learn more, do more and become more in the process. We work with individuals and groups on an ongoing basis of training and coaching to develop the individual’s leadership strengths and style. We can develop confident leaders that will have an immediate impact on their own lives, their family’s lives and the lives of those in the community.



that will get you engaged, help you network, and achieve the goals you dreamed of.


Coaching keeps you on track & accountable for your goals, so that you can achieve them.


You will be inspired, motivated, and you will have FUN growing your personal & professional life goals.


simple, but it works!

We do not run one time events that don’t include a coaching component.  There must be follow up with goals and an actionable and accountable plan to follow.  We want to walk alongside our L4 leaders as they grow.  We want to learn from them as much as they can learn from us.



R20 is the only true leadership program designed to challenge and develop the emerging leaders of our community.  I started R20 because I floundered in my 20’s and I had no one to come along side and mentor/coach me.  I would have paid anything to be a part of a program that would help jumpstart my personal and professional life.  Well now there is a program.

R20 is a year long process that takes leaders through 3 different programs of personal development:

1. Personal Growth

2. Leadership Training

3. Communication Training

There is one on one coaching every month to ensure the participant is moving forward throughout the process.

We sandwich in some profile assessments and include fun group activities and social networking.

After one year an R20 participant will be able to leap past anyone in their field, as they will have a clear focus for their lives, something most people don’t have.  They will be first to get the new job(the one they really want), the new promotion and be in the right relationships.



Gary Gaffney is an entrepreneur, leadership coach, change agent and extremely active family man. His passion is coaching and teaching emerging leaders the principles that will lead them to grow in their self-awareness and help them reach their goals faster. He brings value by utilizing his life experience, training and the gift of seeing the bigger picture to all of his clients he works with.

Gary has started and sold several businesses and currently runs three small companies including L4 Success, LLC. He has also worked for International corporations such as The Dial Corp. and Marriott International. There he was a trainer and facilitator for various material including Stephen Covey’s “7 Habits of Successful People”. In all of these rolls, he has worked to develop the talents and skills of the next generation of leaders.

Gary is a John Maxwell Certified Coach Trainer and Speaker and speaks to groups across South Carolina. His programs are focused on Leadership Development, Goal Setting and Communication. He has also facilitated programs for Lead Like Jesus and Success for Teens. He holds a Bachelor of Professional Sciences from the University of South Carolina.

An active community leader, Gary Gaffney has served in Church and Service Club rolls including being President of his home Rotary Club. His awards include Jaycee of the Year and Rotarian of the Year. Gary applies the “Service above Self” motto to his family, business and community life. He has been married for 15 years and has 3 active children.


Gary is comfortable speaking to groups of 10 or 10,000.  He shares lessons from a life in the corporate world, small business development, and church and community service.  Sharing lessons and stories that can be applied to every day life is something that Gary believes is paramount to adding value to his audience.
Gary served as a trainer for companies including Dial Corporation Marriott Corporation among others.  As someone that has started several small companies, he understands how to connect with individuals and groups in a unique way that connects everyone in the room.

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